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I want to import a car from Japan, how can TP help me?

Tokyo Prestige is different from all the other import companies because we offer you the ability to chose the car you want by searching the auctions LIVE. There is a set fee to be paid which will give you access to the online auctions in Japan, and from there you can browse through all the cars as though you were in Japan yourself. Once you have found the car you want, you email us with the auction number and the price you would be prepared to pay for that car. We then organize to have our staff in Japan view the car at auction stage and ensure that there are no noisy engines or horrible re-sprays! Everything being ok, we green light the car, and place a bid, or red light the car, and inform you that you should NOT bid.

It makes sense to us to tell you if the car is no good, because ultimately when the car gets here, if you are not happy, and then neither are we!

If you purchase a car with our help, then the initial fee paid in order to browse the auction is refunded to you. It helps us stop “browsers” from using our access to the auctions.

I have registered for access to the online auctions, and now I found a car I want, what now?

OK, this is the fun part! Once you have found the car you want on the auction, email us with the LOT number of the car. This number can be found in the top left hand corner of the listing. Let us know what price you would be prepared to pay for the said car. (Please don’t put $15,000 as your top price on an R34 GTR it will NOT happen) There are bargains to be had, but we need you to be realistic, we can give you a pretty good idea on what we think the car will sell for. If this price is too high, then you have to keep looking. If the price is in your range, then we bid on your behalf!

I just received and email telling me that my bid was “successful” and that I have won the car I wanted, what now?

Once you have received an email from us letting you know that you have been successful in your bidding. Then you will need to transfer the money for the total price of the car within 3 days. So if you were bidding on a Soarer and it sold for $4,000AUD then you will need to transfer $4,000AUD within 3 days. This will ensure we can pay for the vehicle in order to have it sent to docks in order to be prepared and put on a boat.

My car has been paid for, when do I have to pay for the import costs?

OK now that the car is on the boat and on it’s way to you, you need to wait! As soon as the car lands on Australian soil the car needs to be cleared by customs and then allocated for delivery. You can either nominate to have the car delivered to your door, or we can have it sent directly to our showroom. As soon as the car has either landed at your door, or our showroom the transport costs and import costs of the actual car need to be paid. Now the car can be prepared for compliance.