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Wear Your Passion - Tokyo Prestige Gear for the True Auto Enthusiast
Wear Your Passion - Tokyo Prestige Gear for the True Auto Enthusiast
Wear Your Passion - Tokyo Prestige Gear for the True Auto Enthusiast
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Welcome to our upcoming inventory of Japanese-imported vehicles! We are excited to offer you a wide selection of high-quality cars from the land of the rising sun. Our team works hard to bring you the latest and most sought-after models from top Japanese automakers, including Toyota, Nissan, Honda, and more.
Tokyo Prestige does not only source, import and sell vehicles, we also pride ourselves on having the ability to service, rebuild and upgrade your JDM or Prestige vehicle. Servicing Using OEM or performance-enhanced consumables, we proudly service all passenger vehicles, from Japanese imports across to high-end European performance cars. We provide:Logbook interval servicing; Preventative maintenance; Fault finding mechanical and electrical issues Able to source and fit parts for your Japanese import We also have an air-conditioning specialist next door so we can also arrange for this to be done at the same time Do you need new tyres? Leave that to us.Performance and upgrades Looking to enhance your ride with some more power, better performance, or want a new cosmetic look? We have an impressive record of looking after some of Adelaide’s (and Australia’s) most recognisable street vehicles. We’re also able to supply and fit them.Exhaust/ BOV upgrades Turbo upgrades Intercooler upgrades Injection and intake Fuel and ECU upgrades Tuning can be arranged to support the modifications through many of our partners depending on the vehicle and modification.Body upgrades, paint and panel [...]
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